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I was born in Brampton Ontario Canada a long time ago. I lived there until October of '82 and moved with my family to Sundridge Ontario. But before I moved I was already interested in drumming. My friends and I would air band to music we liked and I always was on the air drum set. A lot of fun weird memories from back then. I was about 17 and living in Sundridge when I got in my first band. It was called Salem. We played rock and top 40 hits from that time. Akward... Hopefully no pictures exsist from then. (unless you check out my facebook page). After playing around for awhile, we entered a band wars and won first place! Our prize was to open for Glass Tiger. We did just that in the summer of '89 in Sundridge Ontario. Quite the time for a teen who was new to the whole live band experience. After that the band disolved and I started drumming for a metal band. I was glad for that experience because the level of difficulty shot way up. I really learned a lot. Then came a rock and roll/blues bar band called The Fatal Strangers. We played out all over the place. Always great memories from those times. Then came a short stint in a hard rock band called Innsex. Loved it!! After a few years out of the spotlight of playing in bands, I was asked to drum for a classic rock band that was starting up. It was called October Rust. What a lot of fun that was. We all decided to disolve that band because of common commitments to two other projects we were working on. One was the metal band Hella's Half Acre and the other is the backing band for Country Music Star, Pam Millar. Because of scheduling conflicts, my time unfortunatly ended with Hella's Half Acre but I still drum for Pam Millar to this day. My other music project I have is the percussionist for Barbwire. In that band I play the Cajone and sometimes jump on the rhythm guitar. It is an old time country band with my family.