Rockin' Country!

Pam Millar is an exciting, new, high energy, rockin’ country performer to be reckoned with.
Her message is conveyed with a love of music that cannot be ignored.


A collection of pictures and videos showcasing my various concerts and time in the studio.


Pam Millar is a Canadian singer/songwriter noted for her powerhouse vocals and rockin’ country music. Pam is a passionate, soulful performer who takes listeners on a journey through a musical world full of freedom, joy, sorrow and pain as she expresses heartache, love, living the country lifestyle and a “don’t mess with me” attitude. Pam has released three studio albums and continues to hit the stage regularly performing at festivals, concerts and coffee houses. To see Pam perform on stage is an experience in itself. Her powerful voice and spunky uninhibited stage presence are the sparks that help ignite the music and keep the audience engaged in every song. Whether it’s a ballad or a hard driving, upbeat country rocker, Pam puts her unique spin on each song. Millar’s albums, ‘Small Town Girl’, ‘Country Rebel’ and ‘Echoes’ are a fusion of musical genres that encompass country, rock, easy listening and blues. Millar’s songs offer provoking lyrics, powerful guitar riffs and breathtaking, soulful, powerful vocals and harmonies.

Millar performs acoustic shows with Sean Cotton providing exceptional guitar playing and his unique “guitar case drumming”. For full band shows, Millar has joined forces with a new band, “The Muskoka Connection”, which is a tight unit of Muskoka's best sidemen. Each of them, solo artists in their own right, know what artists like Pam Millar need in a strong backup band. They have also worked behind Sean Cotton and Paul Lagendyk. The Muskoka Connection includes Port Sydney's Lopez on bass guitar, Huntsville's Bo Zinck on rhythm guitar, Bracebridge's Shon Roper on drums and from Burk's Falls, Sean Cotton on lead guitar. All of these musicians also sing, which gives the band a full, professional sound.

As an added bonus, the very talented Paul Lagendyk will be a special guest as he opens the show with songs from his debut album “Shiny Rails Nowhere”.